Hardy Perfection Cognac

Offered for sale is one bottle of the original Hardy Perfection cognac. This is from the first release in 1979, before the Essential Elements series, and this bottle was purchased in Paris on May 11, 2000.

Hardy’s description:

“The origin of the eaux-de-vie that makes this Cognac rare and excellent dates back to the 1870’s, the Pre-phylloxera days. Thinking of his family’s future, our founder, Antoine Hardy gathered several different batches. This Cognac comes from the area known today as Grande Champagne. Its grapes are composed of a 100% French Colombard and this eaux-de-vie is pure and unblended at a natural strength of 41% volume. Hints of Chocolate and coffee, big oak and great balance adds to the complexity. A rare Cognac for those who demand the finest! When perfection is gone, c’est fini, for it can never be duplicated. Treat yourself to a taste of history.”

Bottle in Case 2